55. Biennale di Venezia, Juni – November 2013, 55.

Teilnahme an der Ausschreibung des ungarischen Beitrags

The exhibition with the title „Quo Vadis

is planned by Elisabeth Ledersberger- Lehoczky, artist /curator
for the Hungarian pavilion concerning the 55th Biennale in Venice.

The entire exhibition consists of two joined complimentary parts.

Conceptual Part
The artistic intention follows the basic idea of „where we are coming from to where we are going“
as in the sense of signification and meaning of art and the situation of the artist in society. In encounters between artists and passersby a constructivistic form of communication is treated in
different, interactive processes in a number cities between Budapest and Venice. The goal is, resulting from the emergence of the theoretical and practical material, in the form of handwritten comments and foot tracks on paper sheets, to produce the construction elements of the exhibition.

Representational, Formal Installation
The objects and installations in the pavilion are constructed from cubes which are formed from tread and inscribed paper sheets. Walls, entrances, and hanging labyrinths arise. Photos and short videos of the artistic- social project are beamed, projected on the installed objects. The audio accompaniment consists of verbal commentaries and music fragments. With the visual, audio, and haptic perception, the question „Quo Vadis“ is addressed.

Translation:Rudi Dantuma